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This is a Demo of our Spinster - A Cat Lady Game, featuring one suburban block, thirty cats and 3 tins of Sourpuss Scraps cat food.

We hope you enjoy the demo, and please vote for us on Steam Greenlight.

If you're a Games Journalist or have a YouTube Let's Play channel, big or small, send us a message on YouTube(main trailer below) and we'll hook you up with an early access key for the full game.

( direct Steam Link )

Main Trailer

Feature Trailer - Balls! What are they good for?

Early Access Full Version available HERE.

Spinster - A Cat Lady Game is a new indie game based on the mechanics of the original Snake/Nibbles games.

Explore the town of Downton Tabby and find all one hundred and one cats, dodging furniture, dogs, young people, farm animals, zombies, traffic and aliens in your quest to become the ultimate Spinster!

Your collection of cats becomes its own growing obstacle, scaling the difficulty to make your goal of one hundred and one felines a serious challenge!

Spinster features:

  • Fast reflex gameplay with three speed/difficulty settings!
  • The town of Downton Tabby to explore, with seven large blocks each with a distinct theme(Shopping Mall, Pet Cemetary, etc.)!
  • One hundred and one uniquely named and procedurally placed cats to find!
  • Hip replacements and mobility tools keep you moving when other heroes would retire!
  • Unlockable extra challenges by completing quests and mini-games. Face zombies, aliens and the Night!
  • Obstacles galore, from outdoor pizzeria furniture to trampling horses!
  • Working light switches and garage doors to activate to enable extra paths!
  • Downton Tabby's taxi service gets you quickly back into the action!
  • Sourpuss Scraps cat food to collect to feed your army of felines!
  • A Cat Detector Van to help you pick up the stragglers!

Install instructions

1. Unzip SpinsterDemo.zip into a folder of your choosing

2. Run SpinsterDemo.exe (or SpinsterDemo.app)

3. Enjoy! (and please let us know if there are any problems)


SpinsterDemo.zip 49 MB
SpinsterMacDemo.app.zip 72 MB


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Spinster gets a 4.5/5 star review from Rocky Bytes! Thanks guys!


"This game will make you laugh and has just the right balance of humor and game play to be suitable for all the family and probably provide everyone a laugh no matter what your age.

Don't be put off by the title or the fact that the protagonist is a crazy cat lady this is an awesome and hilarious game"

Full Version now available HERE.

Haha! Thanks for the playthrough! :)

Yes...the difficulty is being tweaked a bit for balance purposes(HARD will stay the same).

Voice Actress is Meggan Anderson, as per Credits :)

Literally the hardest game ever! But loved it please tell me who the voice actor is? XD

Updated Demo!

  • Running cats now have larger hitbox for easier catching
  • Fixed Resolution issues with smaller/square resolutions
  • NORMAL is now the previous EASY speed.
  • EASY difficulty now even slower, by same factor as HARD to NORMAL. Good for children or a more relaxed game.
  • HARD still ridiculously hard.
  • BRIGHTER button now working in Gamma Correction. Press 'b' in main menu if you'd set it previously
  • New "Fit as a Fiddle" bonus. Collect 9/18/27 cats on EASY/NORMAL/HARD to prevent injury when falling over
  • Cat Detector Van now comes earlier on EASY/NORMAL games
  • Home Letterbox now pink.